Senior Professionals Placements

We can assist you with your senior staffing requirements by advertising your specific jobs and organizing the recruitment process even before you arrive in India. We have the capability to develop Job descriptions and advertise them in newspapers so that you can commence interviews within a short time of your arrival in India for various staff positions.


  • Senior Management positions
  • Any other senior staff as per your requirements

The professional staff possessing varied skills is available at very competitive salaries and is happy to work for foreign ventures in India due to attractive professional opportunities and growth prospects with MNCs. India is one of the biggest skilled manpower providers in all sectors specifically the IT sector. The professionals are now looking at opportunities within India instead of leaving the country and working overseas away from families.

You will find that Professional Supports will meet your best expectations in identifying and meeting with your appropriate staffing requirements.

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Oversrseas Placements : Immigration Assistance Australia

"We offer assistance to professionals interested in pursuing their careers in Australian market. In association with Inter staff immigration Services, based in Perth , WA .

Australian market leaders, providing integrated migration services which connect individuals and industry globally.

Note: Those willing to migrate to Australia by competing within the local job market are advised to first register with us by sending their detailed C Vs so we can do an assessment in co-ordination with Inter staff immigration. If accepted as eligible, they will be offered job options leading to a PR status in a fully legal and transparent process.

Inter Staff has its trading hours in line with the introduction of daylight savings in the Eastern States of Australia, open from 7:30 am WST to allow its team to answer immigration queries from clients who start early or who are in the Eastern States. Please view the Skills shortage in Australia, by clicking on the link below. "Skilled migration list from the WA state government

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Overseas admissions

We offer support for admissions to overseas universities directly or through our associates. We are working with Brunei University UK for admission to their masters programs and for all levels with other universities in US, Canada, Australia and NZ