Our Clients

Management Concepts-Asia pacific, NZ (Headquartered in Virginia, USA)
Brunel University (West London)
Knowledge Dynamix pte Ltd. Singapore
NEVCO Education USA
Interstaff International - Australia
The Foundation for Educational Partnerships


Management Concepts-Asia pacific, NZ (Headquartered in Virginia, USA)

Management Concepts, Inc. is a USA based training and consulting compaKY with an outstanding 30-year track record in the development and delivery of performance improvement solutions for the public sector and private enterprise. To meet the needs of their global clients they have established operations in the Asia Pacific region and now regularly deliver programs in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, The People's Republic of China and several of the Gulf states. We organize their programs in India. We also design training programs as per the specific training objectives of the organizations and offer delivery by local and overseas trainers. The ain areas of focus are :

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Project Management

Web: www.managementconcepts-ap.com

Management concepts is a Registerered Education Provider (REP) of Project management insttute (PMI)

“PMI®”, “PMP®”, and “PMBOK®” are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. registered in the United States and other nations.

We are working with Brunel University UK for admission in various Master Level programs.

Knowledge Dynamix, Singapore

Competency Assurance and Management Systems (CAMS) by
Knowledge Dyamix Pte.Ltd., Singapore

Knowledge Dyamix offers Competency Assurance and Management systems (CAMS) for corporate

CAMS Benefits:

CAMS aims to overcome these limitations and deliver an integrated solution for competence management and assurance. It will enable management to –

  • Compile competences in an easier manner
  • Set standards on competence
  • Set tracking and assurance processes among communities of users
  • Marry the competence management with the actual operation
  • Measure the outcome of competency gap closure against the KPIs
  • Assess the outcome of learning/knowledge acquisition by employees against identified competence gaps
  • Re-align the competences in relation to role & job requirements to support the operations

web: www.knowledgedynamix.com